GP on Pension of £140,000 a Year, 20 Others Drawing £100,000 Each

GP on Pension of £140,000 a Year, 20 Others Drawing £100,000 EachMaking an immensely shocking disclosure, it has been revealed by recent reports that a former GP is drawing a hefty pension of around £140,000 after he retired from his services recently.

In addition, it has also come to light that 20 other family doctors are enjoying hefty amounts on account of their annual pensions of more than £100,000. The figures were uncovered as per a request made recently under regulations related to the freedom of information.

Earlier during the week, the British Medical Association (BMA) was seen threatening for taking some sort of an industrial action with the intent of protesting against the plans to extending the years of service for doctors along with contributing more money in terms of their pensions.

However, figures have also highlighted the fact that GP pensions are one of the most generous segments all over the nation as the majority of doctors continue receiving big amount among even after their retirement.

On an average, it was found that male family doctors who retire at the age of 60 are getting a pension of around £46,600 yearly, which is way too high when evaluated against the meager amount of £7,541 received by public sector employees on retirement.

While expressing his views regarding the entire pension scheme, an affiliate of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, Matthew Elliott, accepted that GPs have to work extremely hard right through their career and various GPs do magnificent work in their fraternity, the averred that it is not an easy task for taxpayers to maintain the multi-million pound pension packages that various GPs are retiring on at the moment.

He further added: “These incredible deals are in part the result of the pay arrangements that doctors were able to secure in the last decade, which were badly negotiated and represent very poor value for money”.