Health 'Cluster Board' Meets for the First Time

Health 'Cluster Board' Meets for the First TimeWith the intent of finding some suitable measures for fixing some of the long-running health issues in the NHS, a number of NHS bosses conducted their first ever meeting recently in the form of a fresh “supergroup” that will now focus on making all the amends it can in the services being provided by the NHS.

Though the situation is in fact much more critical than what it seems like from the outset as the majority of NHS Trusts are stranded monetarily, the group has vouched that various high-priority health conditions in Worcestershire will be provided all the attention they deserve in the world.

Earlier on Tuesday, several influential leaders from cluster board of West Mercia had an extended conference during the course of a public board meet organized at Worcester’s County Hall.

From now onwards, the cluster will be holding accountability for health issues through a vast geographical region, which consists of NHS Herefordshire, NHS Worcestershire, Shropshire County Primary Care Trust and NHS Telford and Wrekin, the four PCTs merged of late.

The cluster will also hold the responsibility of managing the NHS care throughout these regions till the time bodies of GPs, Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) and various other health officials take complete power of NHS budgets. They will then decide the manner in which public money is used up.

The CCGs will start taking control on the majority of health care services being delivered at the NHS trusts, sometime during the next year.

While expressing his opinion regarding the entire issue, the Chief Executive of NHS Worcestershire and the cluster group, Eamonn Kelly, claimed: “The message in the context of this big cluster board which covers a big geographical area is to give assurance we’re going to continue to focus on the needs of Worcestershire”.