Research Finds Gene Responsible For Oesophageal Cancer

Research Finds Gene Responsible For Oesophageal CancerThere is no doubt that oesophageal cancer is posing a huge challenge in front of medical community and perhaps that’s why so much is being talked about the same. On the same lines, a recent research published in the American Journal of Human genetics caught the attention of one and all. It was done by a team led by Professor David Kelsell, from Queen Mary, University of London.

The research involved examination of three families who were noticed with a rare inherited form of oesophageal cancer. The team found a gene responsible for the cancer. The gene in the name of RHBDF2 has become centre of discussion for the team which by and large is of the say that there is still more to look for in order to reach any conclusion.

The research, which also involved researchers from the University of Dundee and the University of Liverpool, showed how the gene affects the chances of the cancer. As soon as the gene gets affected, it breaks the cells and then grows at rapid pace. This is what triggers the chances of the cancer.

“Finding a genetic cause for this aggressive cancer, and understanding what that gene is doing, is an enormous step forward”, said Professor David Kelsell. The cancer which is being diagnosed in over 8000 people every single year in the UK could make things more difficult in the time to come.

The worst part if that the disease is being identified at later stage, which further reduce the chances of survival. If reports are to be believed, there are only 8& of such patients who can survive for next five years after being diagnosed with this cancer.

With the research being appreciated by one and all, there are chances that sooner or later some sort of cure would be derived in the time to come.