TV Will Screen Pro-Abortion Adverts as Private Clinics Get Go-Ahead for Media Promotion

TV Will Screen Pro-Abortion Adverts as Private Clinics Get Go-Ahead for Media PromotionAs per recent reports, it has been revealed that a majority of private clinics involved in carrying out abortions for the sake of making income will soon be getting a go-ahead signal for endorsing their services through TV and radio advertisements.

In this regard, advertising regulators are expected to spark a wave of controversy by declaring the decision on the coming Monday, thereby wrapping up years of debates and arguments on the topic.

As of now, the pro-life members have reacted with an intense fury, claiming that the move would result in trivializing human life by placing the option of having a termination on the same level as that of cereal, washing-up liquids and other common items.

Jeremy Hunt, the Culture Secretary, is clearly not entirely pleased by the move, but holds no authority of overriding the verdict released by the independent advertising watchdog, dubbed the Advertising Standards Authority. Up till now, the restrictions placed on abortion have implied that abortion clinics can promote their services only in case they are non-profit firms.

As per the regulations, only one advertisement, the one released by the charity firm called “Marie Stopes International”, has been broadcasted on TV yet, which was aired earlier during the year 2010. The advertisement ended up attracting in excess of 4,500 complaints.

At present, in excess of 35 private hospitals all over England are offering abortion services, but many of them are big names in the field of maternity and fertility care services. In the meantime, the majority of critics have claimed that the risk of reforms that is rendering the United Kingdom with some of the most liberal regulations for adverts applicable in the world.

But still, it is not clear at all whether or not the use of adverts for promoting abortion services will be permitted by the regulators in the time to come.