Are You Having Cheese Today?

Are You Having Cheese Today?Is cheese in your platter today? This is what most of the health experts would be asking to many in the time to come as there is brimming debate over inclusion of the product in regular diet. There are over 59% New York State residents and nearly 63% of Albany’s adult residents falling under the category of being called overweight or obesity, and that is why this issue has become so sensitive.

There are numerous assertions made by health experts about what one must eat and what not, and latest to add is cheese which is told to be a crucial ingredient in foods triggering obesity in young kids. There is rising concern about childhood obesity as they are the ones who are gorging too much of junk including pizzas and triple-cheese lasagnas. With cheese being a crucial part of such high-fat foods, the debate over the same seems to be rational enough to have started recently by the nonprofit Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM). Perhaps this is what called for a drive to make people aware about cheese’s role in pushing obesity rate in kids.

There are many billboards seen projecting cheese as the main culprit of making one obese. Such ads are getting the attention of one and all. The intent is to make one think about the quantum of cheese they on an average consume, which adds to their weight.

Even the author of “What to Eat”, Marion Nestle, has said in her bestselling book that softer cheese has less calories, thus putting the entire blame on cheese is no solution. Instead, one can have low-fat cheeses and skim-milk ricotta, she recommends.

It is being believed that there is no need to target any particular ingredient in food, rather overall nutritional value of food one is having must be counted to ascertain the facts. A huge responsibility lies on the shoulders of each one of us to make life more livable.