Exercise Beneficial For Stimulating Autophagy

Exercise Beneficial For Stimulating AutophagyFor long the advantages of exercising has been limited to reducing weight and making one active. But, a recent study has found that exercising stimulates autophagy. We all feel hungry at certain time, the autophagy is a process which helps in responding to the starvation being experienced by the body.

The benefits of exercising over autophagy have been found by the researchers of the UT Southwestern Medical Center. The researchers conducted a small study over mouse which showed that exercising stimulates autophagy. The findings of the study have been published in the journal Nature.

The benefits of exercising and autophagy on the body of a person are believed to be equal. It has been informed that when a person exercises, the stimulation of autophagy increases which help the body in preventing blood sugar abnormalities.

May be this is the reason behind doctors asking obese people to indulge in daily exercising. In the study, the researchers found that mice with deficient level of autophagy are least benefited with exercise.

Lead researcher, Dr. Levine, said, “Our finding that exercise fails to improve glucose metabolism in autophagy-deficient mice strongly suggests that autophagy is an important mechanism by which exercise protects against diabetes”.

Dr. Levine further pointed out that the activation of the autophagy could lead to a number of health benefits. The findings are useful for further studies over diabetes and obesity. A large number of people have been suffering from obesity which ultimately leads to diabetes, if not controlled.

For long, the researchers have been working towards finding an effective way of treating diabetes and obesity. There is need to conduct further studies to gauge the benefits of autophagy and exercise over the health of a person. It is hoped that soon more would come to be heard from the researchers about the benefits of autophagy and exercise.