Anonymous Hacks Brazil Federal District Websites

Anonymous Hacks Brazil Federal District WebsitesIt has been recently revealed that the computer hacker group Anonymous has attacked the websites belonging to Brazil's federal district. Earlier also, it has attacked several websites of different companies. Not only this, they have also hacked the website which is owned by a Brazilian singer.

As per the reports, this has been done to take revenge of the forced closure of Megaupload. com. However, the Federal District officers informed that hackers did not get successful in their mission as they were not able to shut down the websites. Their information technology team did not let the group of hackers to taste complete success.

After hacking the websites, the hackers have left the notice, informing that they have attacked all the websites which were affiliated with the federal district. In one of the sites, they also affirmed that if Megaupload. com has been closed, then all other websites would also get closed.

In addition, they also shut down the website of popular Brazilian singer Paula Fernandes, where they made a face of joker depicting the failure of the government to stop them.

The US Justice Department said that they have not closed Hong Kong-based Megaupload for personal benefits. The site was found to be caught in the copyright infringement charges, so they were ordered to shut down the site. The site which has now been closed had more than 150 million users and also had mind boggling 50 million visits per day.

The US Government further affirmed that it was important for them to shut down the website, as it was becoming a hub of online piracy, where more than 175 million were generated during its criminal proceed.

The government is not much affected by such an act, as they said they had seen such instances earlier also but with other countries governments.