Autism Can Be Detected At an Early Stage, Say Researchers

AutismIn a study conducted by international researchers, it has been found that the brain disease autism can be detected at an early stage, which means that when a child is only 6 months old he or she could be detected with autism.

According to the researchers, behavioral changes in the autism kids begin to show when the child turns one year old or two years old. However, if parents and doctors work together then the disease could be detected at an early stage.

It is believed that if the disease is detected at an early stage then it could be treated effectively. It is estimated that about 100 kids are affected by the autism in the UK. The chances of boys developing autism are higher as compared to girls. Moreover, there is not any effective treatment available for the diseases.

Autism is brain disorder in which the growth of the brain stagnates leading to poor growth of the kids. While commenting upon the findings of the researchers, Prof. Mark Johnson from London University said, "The prevailing view is that if we are able to intervene before the onset of full symptoms, such as a training programme, at least in some cases we can maybe alleviate full symptoms".

For the research, the researchers looked at the 104 cases half of the subjects were at the risk of developing autism. The medical experts looked at the scalps of the participants to gauge the difference in the structure of the brain between the children affected with autism and the normal kids.

A child suffering with autism finds it hard to mix up in a society and also finds it difficult to make friends. The life of an autistic person is difficult as he or she has to live a lonely life. Only parents and the community charities are the one who can understand their agony.