Faulty Genes Help Cure Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian-CancerThe Cancer Research UK study may soon be able to provide an effective treatment for women who have been diagnosed with epithelial ovarian cancer. The study has found that the women who have faulty genes with the BRCA
1 and 2 mutations respond better to the current treatments.

However, they need to find out a treatment which would change the world for those women who did not have these faulty genes. The lead researcher, Dr. Paul Pharoah from Cambridge University, said that they did not expect that women with faulty genes would respond to the medicines so quickly.

The study that also got published in the Journal of the American Medical Association looked into the survival rate of the women suffering from ovarian cancer. They assessed 1,200 ovarian cancer patients who had faulty genes. From the assessment, it was found that women having faulty genes respond better to the existing treatment.

Pharoah said, “Our results could change the way ovarian cancer is treated. Women with BRCA faults respond better than we thought to current treatments, but its important researchers now look at what treatment approaches work best for women without those genetic faults”.

Another thing that was being noticed during the assessment was that such benefit is not seen among women who have breast cancer. Supporting the statement, Dr. Julie Sharp, who is Senior Science Information Manager at the Cancer Charity, said that faulty genes benefit whine women is suffering from ovarian cancer and not at the time when one is being diagnosed with breast cancer.

Sharp shared that there are many cases where chemotherapy or any other treatments does not suit women who did not have faulty genes. Generally in this scenario, doctors have to stop the treatment and have to search for yet another way for cure. Now, it is hoped that soon that treatment would be available.