Cancer Screening In America Unable to Meet Target

Cancer Screening In America Unable to Meet TargetIn a recent report, it has been uncovered by a team of analysts that the number of cancer screenings in US is not meeting the targets set by the government in a national health plan. It is being said that less number of screenings are being performed, especially in those people who do not have a health insurance.

The latest report by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention along with the National Cancer Institute has shown that percentage of screenings to be done is not being achieved by doctors and medics. They have not been able to achieve their targets so far. It is believed that screening of cancer helps to detect and diagnose any kind of cancer at an early stage, further helping in taking precautions and making the cure possible.

The report further reveals that screening rates of breast cancer, cervical cancer and colorectal are facing a substantial fall in accordance with the targets set. It has been suggested by a national advisory board, namely the U. S. Preventive Services Task Force that women of age 50-74 should have a mammogram at an interval of two years as well as for colorectoral screening with blood test every year. Also, those aged 21-65 should go for cervical cancer screening every three years.

But, it has been found that all the Americans are not receiving their recommended screenings timely and facing different kinds of disparities continuously. Concerned Dr. Sallyann Coleman King, an epidemic intelligence service officer in CDC's Division of Cancer Prevention and Control, adds to the context, "It is troubling to see that not all Americans are getting the recommended cancer screenings and that disparities continue to persist for certain populations."

To conclude, it is being said by the American Cancer Society that moving on in the same way can make cancer the second leading cause of deaths after heart disease in the country.