Embryonic Stem Cell Treatment Works Wonders for 2 Legally Blind Women

Embryonic Stem Cell Treatment Works Wonders for 2 Legally Blind WomenAs per a research that got published in the journal Lancet has revealed that stem cells taken from a human embryo has helped two legally blind American women to see again. The study was conducted by the researchers of University of California and scientists from biotechnology company Advanced Cell Technology.

One of the women was an elderly woman who was dry macular degeneration, which is quite common in old age and another woman was in her 50s and was losing her eye sight since her teenage. As per medical terminology, she was suffering from Stargardt's disease which happens due to macular degeneration.

Both the women received stem cells in their eyes through injections and within a month effect was visible. The women who were not able to see the read chart were now able to read top line alphabets and could see the movement of fingers of her hand which was impossible before.

Not only this, they could see more colors and are able to thread needle and use their computers and have become self sufficient. Irrespective of the success of the treatment, it is reported that human embryonic stem cell treatment is attracting a lot of controversies.

The treatment has been put behind the bars for breaching ethical standards as well due to medical reasons. Some of the people who are not in favor of the treatment have blamed doctors for murdering the embryo.

Last year, macular degeneration started a research on this issue, but they quit soon after when they found that the treatment is causing spinal injuries. Now, the ACT has taken the lead and is trying to test human embryonic stem cells for patients.

It has come to light that the scientists who are promoting the stem cell research are also finding it to be a dangerous task to perform.