Stressful Working Hours Affecting Doctors’ Health

StressfulWhile one might be having his health woes, have you ever thought if the doctor you are seeing is well or not? It has been told in a recent research that there are many doctors who are actually grappling with a range of health issues. However, women doctors seem to be doing quite well, but the grilling working hours have surely taken toll over the life of male doctors.

Published in BMJ Open, the study examined 564 of 789 eligible GPs working in Essex for burnout using the validated Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI) tool. The sample group was interviewed about factors attached with personal exhaustion. The survey revealed that there were nearly 46% who were emotional exhaustive and at least than four in 10 who were depersonalised,. However, there were as many as 36% who were of the say that they are not satisfied with whatever they are getting from the professions.

The glaring difference of opinion among the genders is indicating that women are more patient while males do lose their patients with spurt of moment. It is no doubt that medical profession demands one to be patient enough to deal with dynamics of the field and women seem to have score more on that front.

The survey also revealed that those who are dealing with depression are more likely to be part of group practices instead of individual. However, it could result in more interpersonal conflicts which some or the other way extends the health woes of doctors.

“Regardless of cause, these findings are worrying as group practices are increasing in size and number”, said the team. However, the best part is despite being too stressed out, doctors don’t let that affect their profession. It is necessary that effective policy changes are being made part of the system so that a better working environment could be given to doctors.