Survey Declares Women as Good at Parking

ParkingWhile many male drivers doubt the capability of women drivers, a recent study has showed that women are better at parking at least. It was told after 2,500 people were asked about the same by a team from the NCP (a U. K. parking operator). As compared to men, women were told to be taking much time in parking their vehicles and park it safer.

Parameters on which the claim was based were appropriate parking speed, pre-parking pose, central finish and reverse or forward speed. It might not go down well with men but the survey seems to be saying it quite affirmatively. However, women are not boasting about their parking skills as mere 20% said that they are better at parking cars than their counterparts.

The survey showed that men consume an average 16 seconds to park, while women would take ample 21 seconds to ensure that the vehicle is parked safely. It is being believed that men are quite impatient while parking as they don’t look around too much while women would take ample time to see if they don’t hit any other vehicle while parking in small space.

It was also told that women were as much as twice likely to park the vehicle at the centre instead of left or right as compared to men.

While men are fond of basking under the glory that they are the best at driving, women now have something to say as the survey has given back a well respected answer to them. It has been told the survey is among the most comprehensive gender driving surveys done.

However, the survey has contradicted what the official figures from the Driving Standards Agency last year said about women failing more than men while parking. Whatever would men say now, the survey has surely given a food of thought to many that women might not be good at driving, they do have an edge over men while parking.