Radiologist In New-Zealand Under Scrutiny

Glenmark records 46.7 per cent fall in net profitsThere are concerns being raised about the working ways of a radiologist in New Zealand. It has been said that there have been a number errors seen in his work, and this calls for an investigation to be done on what the problem really is The name of the radiologist hasn't been revealed but it is said that he was trained from U. S.

It has further been said that the doctor hasn't been able to diagnose a number of errors and has wrongly diagnosed many patients, including pregnant women, which is a cause for worry. He works at the Southland Hospital, and the staff members had raised concerns about his way of working, during the last month. He had carried out a number of scans as well as wrote a number of patient reports for them. It was seen that he was committing many errors in the same, which might even tend to be dangerous for patients.

Hundreds of these reports are now being rechecked by the team at Whangarej Hospital. It has been revealed that the radiologist was working here from 2010 in October to March in 2011. He started having this unacceptable error rate recently and the staff of the DBH raised concerns about the same.

"The DHB is pleased with the fast actions of staff, the effectiveness of its systems in detecting the problem and the comprehensive process which followed - all of which may have prevented a more serious issue from occurring", said Southern DHB Chief Medical Officer David Tulloch.

There is now a detailed investigation going to be conducted on the radiologist. Meanwhile, the patients are being sent apologies by the hospital, and are being called back for rechecks on their conditions.