Hawke's Bay Hospital Postpones Elective Surgeries

Hawke's Bay Hospital Postpones Elective SurgeriesThe over-crowdedness of Hawke's Bay Hospital has forced the hospital to postpone three elective surgeries. It has been informed that over-crowdedness in the hospital occurred when a large number of patients gathered at the emergency room seeking medical aid.

Following the scenario over the weekend, today’s three elective surgeries were postponed. Moreover, it is believed that the tomorrow’s surgeries would also be postponed. The Acting Chief Operating officer, Chris McKenna, informed that yesterday a large number of people had been admitted to the emergency ward of the hospital.

A sudden increase in the emergency cases has put pressure over the medical staff of the hospital. Mrs. McKenna said, “Clinicians are working extremely hard under enormous pressure. We continue to urge the public to seek medical help early from their GP - unless it is an emergency”.

It has been informed that the District Health Board would today conduct a review on the capacity of the hospital. If it found necessary then more of the elective surgeries would be postponed. It has been informed that many elders were admitted at the hospital because they didn’t get timely attention.

The hospital would now be paying greater attention to emergency cases and other patients might be asked to wait. It has been informed that on average bases the hospital looks at 100 emergency cases in a day. But on Sunday, the staff of the hospital is looking after 120 patients in a day.

The communities are being asked to keep a tab over the health of the elders. The Manager of Age Concern Hastings, Ruth Lockley, said that the affordability and accessibility are two factors which plays vital role in providing timely care to the elders.