Mozilla Corporation Unveils Firefox Version 10

Firefox 10It has been recently revealed in a report that Firefox version 10 has been unveiled by Mozilla Corporation. This is going to be compatible for use with Macs, Windows, Androids and Linux devices. This is the second hurried launch made by the firm. This is because the Firefox 10 has come out merely 6 weeks after the version 9.

In the recent trend followed by the firm, they have gone up from version 4 to 10 in a span of nine months; they have been launching a new version of the browser, every six weeks.

This latest version of browser has incredible features such as extensive support, bug fixes and so on. It has a unique forward button, which means it would hide itself, unless it is required. It further has a new feature called APIs, that would mean full screen internet applications as well as multi touch features for the ones using Android.

There has been upgrading done in the Android version of Firefox. It has been able to be compatible with the diverse needs of the people, and is sure to cater to their needs better now. The browsing history, the bookmarks, and passwords, can now be handled better.

“We have also significantly improved Firefox Add-on compatibility and simplified the update process for all users because we are dedicated to delivering the best Firefox experience,” “We’re excited to enable gaming experiences on the Web that rival the experience of a console”, revealed the firm in a recent statement.

It’s a matter of time before the actual users can give a verdict on this newest feather in the cap by Firefox. These technological advancements being made on a monthly basis says a lot about how much the firm is concentrating upon making their services better for the users.