Elderly Suffering In Care Homes

Care-HomesIt has been recently revealed in a report that the elderly people in the care homes are suffering at the hands of the care homes This is because of the shortage of funds being witnessed by the authorities There has been a cut in the funding and this has resulted in making life tormenting for the people living in these care homes. This has happened since the coalition has come into power lately.

This is why they are even deprived of the basic necessities of life. They are actually left without proper food and hydration at times and they don’t even receive the proper medical care that they might need.

It is essential that the government takes quick steps to fight this scenario. The economic condition of the world might be staggering at the moment, but the elderly don’t need to bear the brunt of it. They need to be given their necessities on time, so that they can have a proper life, in their old age.

Age UK charity ids of the view that in this time of growing demand of care services, the government has reduced the funds by £500m, and this is what is affecting the quality f services at the care homes. It is extremely unfair for the elderly, and they deserve proper care and attention by the caregivers, with enough money to fulfill their necessities.

"Our new figures show a funding gap clearly exists, that it currently stands at £500m, and that it is growing bigger all the time. We need urgent government action now; otherwise the gap will simply get worse”, revealed Michelle Mitchell from Age UK.

The government needs to take a stand on the matter, and practice their cuts on places where spending can be avoided, rather than making the elderly suffer.