Heart Attack and Loss of Grey Matter Linked, Says Australian Study

Heart Attack and Loss of Grey Matter Linked, Says Australian Study   As per an Australian research that has appeared in the European Heart Journal, heart attack is linked with loss of grey matter in the brain and also with decline in the mental processes.

Lead researcher Osvaldo Almeida, from the University of Western Australia in Perth, found that people who suffer heart attack has week memory and they are also not able to remember long-term and short-term tasks as healthy people. Not only this, loss of grey matter has also been found among the people who have died after suffering from heart attack.

Grey matter is important for memory, reasoning and planning, but people who have suffered heart attack tends have less declining grey matter in the brain. It is said to be an important research which would be able to detect health risk among people by seeing their cognitive abilities.

Heat failure is the leading cause of death in the UK and affects 900,000 people yearly in the country. Almeida told that heart failure occurs at the time when heart is not able to pump enough blood for the whole body.

Another thing that Almeida revealed was that heart failure occurs more in men than in women.

In order to conduct research, the study researchers assessed the medical reports of people with different heart problems. They took reports of 35 people, who have suffered heart attack and assessed 56 reports of ischaemic heart disease patients and also followed 64 healthy people.

He affirmed, “What we found in this study is that both ischaemic heart disease and heart failure are associated with a loss of cells in certain brain regions that are important for the modulation of emotions and mental activity”.

The study concluded that people who have been suffering from heart disease should be given treatments which are simple to understand.