Party Pleasers Tend to Snack More, Says US Study

Party Pleasers Tend to Snack More, Says US StudyAs per a US research that appeared in the Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, it has been revealed that people pleasers not only go out of the way to help others, but they are also the ones who snack more.

They eat as much as others around them at social gatherings and consume the same amount, whether they are hungry or full, to make sure others are happy. The research was being carried out by the Psychologists from all across Washington.

Lead author Julie Exline, who is a psychologist at Case Western Reserve University, told that people pleasers consumes so much as they think it would help others to feel at ease. This gave an indication that such kind of people are at great pressure when they attend social gatherings.

Exline said that generally people are under pressure to have peace while they attend social gathering. But, people pleasers face great amount of pressure. Initially they overeat, but they often regret about it later.

Another thing that got revealed from the research was that people pleasers also feel guilty if they are superior to others in academics or athletics, and often end to mellow themselves down. In order to know the snacking habit of people pleasers, they conducted a survey in which they distributed questionnaires to 101 college students.

Later on, an activity was also done to know whether questionnaire judgment is right or wrong. The students were given a bowl of sweets. Students whom the researchers thought would be people pleasers took more sweets.

Exline said, “People-pleasers feel more intense pressure to eat when they believe that their eating will help another person feel more comfortable”. The study concluded that people should eat according to their hunger and not under pressure.