Authorities Link Salmonella Outbreak to Pre-sliced Brazilian Watermelons

Authorities Link Salmonella Outbreak to Pre-sliced Brazilian WatermelonsIt seems like the traumatizing salmonella outbreak is in no moon of sparing the region anytime soon, as the issue is critical even after ending a life and rendering around 50 other in a state of terribly bother. As per recent reports, it has been claimed that the salmonella poisoning mayhem was inspired by Brazilian watermelons that were imported in the recent past.

In this regard, the health officials in the region have shared some imperative word of caution with the masses, urging them to stay away from washing veggies and fruits as it may increase their odds of falling prey to the potentially terminal virus.

As far as stats are concerned, in excess of 70% of those invaded by the poison are women, and the list of victims includes a pensioner and a six-month-old kid.

The only British casualty caused by the bug as of now was reportedly encouraged by a variety of other core health issues that were further made severe by salmonella poisoning.

In the meantime, the Health Protection Agency active in probing the reason by the deadly outbreak along with the Food Standards Agency (FSA) has recently released the details of the rash causing terror all over Britain and nearby. The reports also highlight data related to the Salmonella Newport version of the infection.

But still, it is being suspected that a large number of people are doubtful of washing the ready-to-eat fruit packs that have gained immense popularity in the region of late and are frequently used for a hale and hearty lunchtime snack.

The trouble of salmonella poisoning broke into news in December, and it has been revealed by health officials that the outbreak would have influenced by ready-to-eat sliced watermelons imported from Brazil. However, the authorities have admitted that its way too early to draw any sort of conclusions as investigations are still in progress.