Drug Addiction Can Be Hereditary, Says Study

Drug Addiction Can Be Hereditary, Says StudyA research carried out by a group of researchers from the University of Cambridge has revealed that drug addiction could be an inherited habit. This means if one has an addict sibling, then it is very difficult for another one to curb his addiction for drugs.

It can happen as sibling(s) share certain features of brain which makes it quite difficult for another to resist the habit. Lead author Karen Ersche, of the Behavioural and Clinical Neuroscience Institute at Britain's Cambridge University, said that the research helped them understand the pattern of hereditary drug addiction.

In order to reach the conclusion, they assessed the brains of 50 brothers and sisters. Among the enrolled volunteers, one of the siblings was a cocaine addict. Their brain scans revealed that both the siblings have some of the brain portions similar and this makes self-control more difficult.

Karen said that their research has given them a new hope by which drug addiction could be treated. Their research has found a genetic link whose treatment is possible. He further told, "Our findings now shed light on why the risk of becoming addicted to drugs is increased in people with a family history:... Parts of their brains underlying self-control abilities work less efficiently".

Paul Keedwell, who is a consultant psychiatrist at Britain's Cardiff University, has welcomed the study findings. He further affirmed that a further research on the matter is needed, and then they would be able to find a treatment which could save many people from drug addiction.

Till now, it has been very difficult to find an effective treatment of drug addiction as researchers have classified it in many parts. This has made the journey to find the treatment all the more difficult.