Vascular Risks through Sodas

Vascular Risks through SodasIn a recent study conducted by a team from Columbia University Medical Centre and UM is of the view that consumption of soft drinks wasn't related to the higher risk of cardiovascular events, as previous studies might've suggested. The study was led by Hannah Gardener Sc. D., epidemiologist in the Miller School's Department of Neurology.

In the study the relation between soft drinks and diet soft drinks was seen in comparison with the sort of risk of vascular disorders they are thought to bring upon. There have been as many as 2,564 participants surveyed for this test. These tests were organized to determine what sort of risks these drinks might hold. There was further need to determine whether on and all in the population have the same sort of effect from these drinks, or different people have different reactions.

The body mass index, hypertension, cholesterol and the pre-existing vascular conditions of the contestants were taken into consideration while conducting these tests.

It was revealed by Gardener that the results there were a potential link between the risk of vascular events and these drinks. "However, the mechanisms by which soft drinks may affect vascular events are unclear. There is a need for further research before any conclusions can be drawn regarding the potential health consequences of diet soft drink consumption", he added further.

Aerated drinks are anyway not good for health and one needs to take care about the limits of the consumption of the same. Excess of anything will harm the body, and in the current scenario, people of the world are hooked onto these drinks. It is essential that these levels are cut down to the bare minimum, before there can be final verdict received on the risk through these drinks.