UK Grapples With Organ Donation Issue

Organ-DonationWhile there is a lot being said about organ donation, there are many who are left lurching to get transplant done in the first place. There are as many as over 7,500 people waiting for an organ transplant in the UK, and this is making it all the more imperative for authorities to come forward to bring about the desired level of changes.

It is no news that there is long waiting list for patients waiting to get organ donation, there are many who are not confident about the same. There is a need to make people aware about the dynamics of organ donation so that node and more people come forward to save the lives. Despite extensive efforts being made by the government, there are not many people coming forward to donate their organ for those in dire need of the same.

"While the possibility of organ and tissue donation will come at a tragic time for the family, it is possible that one person can save the lives of many others”, said Specialist nurse in organ donation Paula Dawson. On the same lines, staff at Salisbury District are voicing their concern about the same, thereby calling people to shed their doubts to help those in need.

It is necessary for people to get themselves registered the NHS Organ Donor Register in case they wish to be part of the noble cause. There are not many like Bill Verdonik who has been lucky enough to get organ which can save their life. The Suamico man was told to have fought with a heart disease, and has someone not came forward to donate heart, he would not have been living today.

Though he has not met the donor’s family yet, he is of the say that there are a lot many people out there who are in need of organs.