Anonymous Hacks CIA’s Website

AnonymousIt has recently been found in a report that Anonymous, the popular hacker group, has been agreeing that it has hacked the Central Intelligence Agency site. The report says that the site has become unable to be accessed by anyone for a week.

Previous reports show that the hackers had attacked several other sites such as Camimex’s website, the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s site and the websites of the US Justice Department. They had attacked Camimex on Friday, which was unavailable for the whole day and had posted its emails online.

In addition, the Copyright Office and the FBI’s sites were also targeted by the hackers. It has equally been found that it had posted a security code from Symantec, on a website named ‘The Pirate Bay’.

According to the findings of the report, the reason behind knocking down the US Justice Department’s websites last month was however clear. It was an attempt by Anonymous made with an aim to take revenge from the department as it had closed the file-sharing site Megaupload.

But, the act of hacking the CIA site has not been explained yet by the group. It has been found that the CIA site was earlier also temporarily knocked by Lulz Security, which is an Anonymous-affiliated group. The group used an expression ‘tango down’ that is usually used by the US Special Forces when they defeat an enemy. The report finds that it posted the expression on Twitter, which says ‘CIA Tango down’.

On being asked about the non-availability of the site, a spokeswoman for CIA told the reporters, "We are aware of the problems accessing our web site, and are working to resolve them”. The website is unavailable to be accessed till now, reveals the report.