Contraceptive Vending Machines Offer Autonomy

Contraceptive Vending Machines Offer AutonomyAs per recent reports, it has been decided by the Pennsylvania-based Shippensburg University that it will be proving its students a complete freedom on account of buying Plan B by the means of a vending machine installed in the campus following reports compiled by a variety of surveys which revealed that in excess of 85% of students are in favor of the option of having such a vending machine installed in the campus.

Though the move made by the university is attracting fair amount of criticism, Shippensburg is finally making it clear that the health, cares and wellbeing of its students is the utmost point of priority for it, and for the same reason it is making an easier access to a very vital contraceptive tool.

Apart from contraceptives, the machine can also be used for getting decongestants, condoms, morning-after pills and more. Morning-after pills can be accessed by students by inserting $25 in the vending machine.

Plan B, or any comparable emergency contraception, can be used within first five days after having an unprotected sex for the sake of preventing the implantation of an egg having the potential of fertilization. As per university officials, all the students are at least 17 years of age, and the regulations permit people of the said age group to have an excess to things like condoms and contraceptives.

Experts have claimed that the effectiveness of the pill is dependent on the time frame within which it is taken, the sooner, the better are chances of fending off the possibilities of any sort of unwanted or unintended pregnancy.

The vending machines, which has been installed at Shippensburg, has been placed tactically in the private room of the health center at the university, with avoiding confusion being the main aim behind placing it separately snacks vending machines.