Sony Launches On-the-Go PS Game Player

Sony Launches On-the-Go PS Game PlayerAfter the advancement of gadgets from video games, walkmans, mobiles, iPods to androids over time, Sony has again been planning to bring back the trend of video games. It is being said that the company would soon be introducing a video game player that is named as PlayStation Vita.

As per the report, Sony has developed a hand-held game player known as PS Vita that would be a possible replacement for today's gadgets preferred by youngsters while on the go. It has been seen in the recent past that after the Walkman introduced by Sony, the GameBoy, the iPod and the Android phone gradually became people's choice for entertainment during travels.

Sony is now going to bring forth a stand-alone player that has been known to control a PlayStation console. It is being said that the gadget to be launched by Feb. 22 would be liked the most by those who like playing video games on their PS.

However, according to experts, if after 30 years scenario is imagined, it could be seen that mobiles would be the only thing that would be used as it allows doing everything, including playing music, clicking photos as well as video game apps.

The findings of the report say that Sony has been hoping that men in their 20s, who usually love playing games eight hours a week on their PlayStation 3 console, would largely go for the PS Vita. Since it is a hand-held player, it would be preferred by PS players because it helps to play games in continuation of the same game that was being played at home.

"Gaming is no longer playing alone in a basement by one person with one machine; it's all networked", said Jason Elm, the Executive Vice-President and Creative Director at Deutsch.