Girl Walks, After All Hopes had been Given Up

Girl Walks, After All Hopes had been Given UpIn a recent report, it has been revealed that Catlin McLaughlin, a 3 years old toddler, is now taking her first ever steps, after she suffered from stroke and the doctors were of the view that she could never walk. She had actually suffered a very gruesome stroke, when she was in her mother’s womb, something so grave that could’ve killed an adult. She survived it; however the doctors had said she wouldn’t be able to walk

She was able to make tremendous progress in the past three years and she is now taking her first steps in life Its is a proud and touching moment for her mother, Sharon, who says her little girl surprises her even more each day.

It was revealed that the reason the girl had survived the stroke, was because her brain had still been in the developing stage, and this is why it was able to regenerate, what the damage had spoilt for her.

She was merely 8 months old when she had had to wear an electrode on her heard, for the purpose of measuring her brainwaves.

She was born in the ear 2008, through emergency forceps delivery, after the complications that had occurred. She was immediately rushed to the Queen Charlotte Hosptial in London for tests to find out how badly she had been hit. : “Shaun and I just broke down in tears. They couldn’t control her seizures at first and by the time we got to the intensive care unit she was on a breathing tube”, revealed her mother.

The doctors had said she wouldn’t be able to walk, but here she is, beaming and happy, and walking. She has battled all odds, and is a strong fighter, who has shown that God has miraculous ways of saving his loved ones.