Auto Industry Improved Over Time, Says Survey

Auto Industry Improved Over Time, Says SurveyWestlake Village, J. D. Power & Associates from California recently found in a survey that Toyota Motor Corp., which has released three of its brands known amongst the top five, has been the one to make the biggest step amongst all automakers.

It has been found that automakers have been challenging advanced techniques such as touch screens and voice-recognition systems. Also, they have left behind improved fuel economy by making new cars with improved durability. It has hinted that consumers would be hanging long onto these vehicles.

According to the report, automakers have been introducing new cars with more durable finish standards, which have been recovering sales. Also, carmakers have been reporting fewer problems with three-year-old cars and trucks. It has been found that the vehicles now being made by them have been providing them more power, which helps them to sustain pricing as well as avoid the corrosive discounts that are responsible for pushing the predecessors of General Motors Co. and Chrysler Group LLC into bankruptcy.

It is being said that better results that are being seen have been pointing towards an additional advantage of grabbing car consumers back to showrooms. The report says that those who were delaying purchase of cars for years, since when the U. S. recovered from recession, would now be coming back to car showrooms. As per the report, the recession had shriveled sales and had also sent GM and Chrysler briefly into bankruptcy in the year 2009.

Seeing such results in sales and car quality, Erich Merkle, the sales analyst at Ford Motor Co.'s yesterday said: “When everything in the data is saying you have high- quality vehicles that form an environment where people want the better wheels. That allows you to generate a sense of value in the mind of the consumer”.