Dubai Airport Show Draws Huge Buyers Response

Dubai Airport Show, to be held from April 25-27 in Airport Expo Dubai, is expected to get huge response from buyers as the organizers of the event hopes cent per cent increase in the number of participants. The projections are based on the initial signs of fast recovery in the aviation segment, adversely hit by decline in demand across the segment due to global financial crisis.

A significant number of buyers have already confirmed their participation in the show which includes Doha International Airport in Qatar, Khartoum New International Airport in Sudan, and Maharashtra Airport Development Co in Mumbai.

Other major players who are expected to attended the Airport show includes Cairo Airport Company in Egypt, Oslo Airport in Norway, Tan son Nhat International airport in Vietnam and Cape Town International Airport in South Africa, according to the information provided by sources close to the development.

Mohamad Bader-Eddin, the Director of show said, "Regional demand has been increasing significantly with more than AED220bn worth of airport-related projects estimated to be under way. At least 39 airports across the region are either under construction or undergoing modernization."