Nurses Going Jittery over Whanganui DHB proposal

Nurses Going Jittery over Whanganui DHB proposalAs per reported information, it has come to light that the proposal of Whanganui District Health Board to relocate specialist maternity facilities from Whanganui to Palmerston North is creating a deep sense of apprehension and concerns among nurses all over the region.

The statements have been confirmed by the New Zealand Nurses Organisation (NZNO).

The proposed amendments will clearly imply that women from the Whanganui region needing specialist maternity care or process, including those in the likes of inductions, emergency caesareans or epidurals, will be shifted to Palmerston North Hospital. However, the proposal has witnessed strong opposition from all over the community.

The professional nursing adviser of NZNO, Kate Weston, was of the opinion that the amendments will clearly imply that pregnant women needing specialist care of processes would be forced to travel a minimum of an hour to reach to Palmerston North Hospital. In addition, the services will go even scarcer for women belonging to rural areas, as they will then have to travel a considerably longer distance for the sake of availing the said emergency services.

While expressing her opinion in this regard, along with mentioning what all consequences it can have on the life and safety of pregnant women all over the region, she added: “The Whanganui region has a high proportion of Maori and lower than average incomes. Many women and their whanau will simply not have the money or resources, e. g. a reliable car, to travel to Palmerston North”.

In addition, it is being strongly feared that such sort of proposals will indeed fail to address the needs of the community and will also fail at safeguarding the needs of babies as well as mothers.