Vitamin C Has a Lot to Offer to Brain Cancer Patients

Vitamin C Has a Lot to Offer to Brain Cancer PatientsWhile there is no end to what one needs to have in their daily diet, it seems that vitamin C has a lot to offer to one and all. It has been claimed by researchers that vitamin C can trigger death of tumor in cases of brain cancer.

It was done by a team led by University of Otago who is of the view that high intake of vitamin C can support radiation therapy by killing away the tumor cells in patients. For the research, the team examined how survival rate of patients is affected if they are being given combined dose of vitamin C and radiation therapy. It was found that high dose of vitamin C could cause DNA damage, thereby making it clear that inclusion of vitamin C could raise survival rate among the patients.

The patients who are suffering from glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) brain tumors were found to have been given substandard prognosis as GBM tumors are found to have build strong immunity to radiation therapy.

Published in the Free Radical Biology and Medicine, the study was done with the joint efforts from a team from Wellington’s Malaghan Institute. This is not for the first time that this issue has been raised as it was told that that there has been significant improvement seen in patients earlier too when vitamin C was included.

“If carefully designed clinical trials show that combining high dose vitamin C with radiation therapy improves patient survival, there may be merit in combining both treatments for radiation-resistant cancers”, said the lead author, Dr. Patries Herst.

As the research is getting attention of one and all, it is being believed that there is lot to be done to make sure that clinical applications can be benefitted from the application.