Study Links Mother’s Migraine and Child’s Colic

Study Links Mother’s Migraine and Child’s ColicA group of researchers at the Headache Center at the University of California San Francisco has found that new mothers with a severe problem of migraine are at very high risks of having babies with colic.

The team has revealed after their study that there is a huge possibility for mothers with a history of migraine in their family to face baby with colic, which makes him cry for hours. It has been told that colic might be an early sign of migraine in babies in their later life.

"Our hypothesis is that mothers who have migraine have migraine genetics, which they are then passing on to their infants, and that those infants are perhaps expressing those genetics very early in infancy as colic", quoted Amy Gelfand, MD and a researcher.

It is being said that migraine in mother increases the probability of colic, further followed by migraine, in children by almost up to 2.6-folds. The team has also uncovered that the babies are otherwise healthy aside from colic. Also, it has reported that colic targets 29% babies of mothers with migraine as compared to babies of healthy mothers, in which it prevails up to 11%.

Since the link between children’s colic and mothers’ migraine has been suspected by the team, it conducted a study on more than 150 mothers and led to the conclusion that mothers as well as fathers having migraine had a bad impact on children’s health.

In order to protect children from suffering such conditions, mothers must try to reduce noise levels as well as other stimuli while babies are crying of colic, suggests the team. Reporters have found that pediatricians are also planning to conduct a counseling session for mothers to guide them with the same.