Search Giant Yandex Deals With Twitter

Search Giant Yandex Deals With TwitterA new report has uncovered that Russia’s largest search engine Yandex has signed a deal with Twitter in order to have access to all twitter posts, only except the private tweets. It is being said that the post thus, would appear on Twitter as well as another website introduced by Yandex.

It has been found that the deal has been signed in order to improve the quality of the search on Yandex. Also, it is being said that the availability of tweets from Twitter on website named twitter. yandex. ru. would help people to access tweets immediately after these are posted.

As per the findings, Russia’s biggest search engine i. e. Yandex covers up to a total of 63% of the market. Yandex is followed by Google, which is also known as the largest search engine, which has a share of only 23%.

It is being said that Google and Twitter had a deal with the search giant yandex that was made last year, but both of the sites failed to renew that deal. The reporters have found that they failed to post Twitter results in its feed. Thus, the Russian search engine Yandex has made a deal with Twitter this year, according to which, the search giant would be able to show tweets along with search results at the same time.

However, the terms and conditions of the deal have not been disclosed as yet, the report says. But, the deal is aimed at enhancing the search giant as well as increasing the number of its users. "People share news, exchange opinions and discuss all sorts of matters in real-time all the time. This kind of information will help us enhance our search results", told Anton Pavlov, Yandex's blog search manager.