Manuka Health to Launch Therapeutic Honey

ManukaAs per recent reports, it has been recently revealed that Waikato-based company Manuka Health is going to launch a specialized honey, which will be made using international technology.

Manuka Health Chief Executive Kerry Paul said that the honey which will be available in New Zealand from next month will increase the therapeutic and financial value of their product. The honey will be made using Japanese process, which combines the bioactive properties of the honey with other medicinal plants.

Paul said that the combination with other medicinal plant will increase the antibacterial properties of honey and will make it more effective than raw honey, which is said to be purest form of the same.

A lot of efforts have been made to develop the new form of honey, said Paul, who further affirmed that scientists at the Kobe Medical School were the ones, who said that cyclodextrins will be a great bioactive booster and will derive best results if mixed with honey.

A group of researchers has told that the Manuka’s new honey is 10 times better than traditional raw honey and has great potential to treat bacteria such as Streptococcus pyogenes and Helicobacter pylori. Both the bacteria are responsible for throat and stomach infections.

"Cyclodextrins carry beneficial, natural bioactive through the digestive tract, making them more effective, soluble, stable and palatable. Presently, swallowing a supplement doesn't always guarantee your body will get the benefits. Our new generation of products should ensure people are not wasting their money”, said Paul.

In addition, it has also been revealed that Manuka Health has received funding from a New Zealand Trade and Enterprise. The amount will be effectively used to conduct marketing operations for the new generation products of Manuka Health.