Teenager Loses Her Memory Every 24 Hours

Teenager Loses Her Memory Every 24 HoursAs per recent reports, it has been revealed that a 19-year-old teenager has been seriously invaded by an unbelievably atypical and dreadful condition in which she is just able to remember things that transpired during the last 24 hours, at maximum.

Jess Lydon is therefore entrapped in the present only following an incident in which doctors confirmed that the girl is suffering from Susac syndrome, also known as “Groundhog Day” following the blockbuster movie in which the lead Bill Murray relives only the same day.

While expressing her views regarding her terrible state of memory, the 19-year-old claimed: “Sometimes I can’t even remember what I had for dinner the night before. I can’t remember Christmas, or my birthday in December. When I look at photographs I just find it confusing. The really upsetting thing is I don’t remember my Nan’s funeral last year”.

As per experts who have diagnosed the mental condition of the girl, the brain disarray is so uncommon there have been a mere 250 cases conformed for the said ailment all over the world.

As the girl was diagnosed with the extremely atypical and serious condition, she had a break up with her boyfriend after a relationship of two years, though the poor girl wakes up every morning with a thought that she is still in a relationship and his beau is still with him.

Jess earlier went through three months of assessments after she was rushed to hospital due to stern headaches and acute dizziness. A recent decline in her memory implies that the girl is now just struck her Walsgrave, Coventry-based home.