Dignity Code Highly Needed for Campaigners

Dignity Code Highly Needed for CampaignersAs per recent reports, it has come to light that the NHS nurses as well as care workers must sign up on account of code meant for conducting a guarantee policy that aged patients are given treatment with utmost respect and dignity.

The statements have been revealed recently by a union of regulators, politicians and charities.

Along the same line, pensioners are consistently being discussed down, prevented in actual fact from making any sort of verdicts, and later rebuffed the privacy of patients along with providing the medical treatment meeting the utmost standards.

In this regard, the call for a fresh Dignity Code arrived by the means of a letter sent to a leading newspaper which was inked by Paul Burstow, the care minister as well as by his Liz Kendall the Labour shadow.

In addition, it was signed by charities, academics and various trade unions. In the letter, hospitals, institutions and various care homes were urged to express their consent on a set of standards of care which is evidently in light for the first time ever and aim at preventing the rapidly rising cases of neglect and abuse.

Care workers can ultimately have some promising guidelines in this regard, which will be reportedly drawn up by the Convention of National Pensioners, which thereby represents aged groups mentioned in their respective contracts.

While further sharing some imperative words of caution in this regard, the letter further added that for a longer period of time, a large number of such people have more or less been ignored, as mainly their basic right of speaking is not allowed to stay within their reach and they are not permitted to compile their own mind and thoughts. “In this era of human rights, too many older people have seen their basic human dignity undermined in situations where they are treated as objects rather than people”, the letter further warned.