Need For Investigating NHS Boards

NHSIt has been recently revealed that Nicola Sturgeon, the Health Secretary, had ordered an analysis and investigation of the NHS Arran and Ayrshire. These were actually criticized in the past, for holding back patient reports of the cases at clinics and hospitals.

The documents which contained the details of a number of deaths in these hospitals haven’t been given out by the boards yet. It was only after the Freedom of Information appeal that the same were made public, including the reason for 20 deaths.

It was further added by Ms. Sturgeon that there is need for taking lessons from the Health Improvement Scotland, to improve the current scenario. The reasons for death in many cases were thing like, insufficient treatment given to a patient for a leg wound, death due to being trapped in a faulty life, as well as two psychiatric patients that had tried to kill their own relatives.

"I believe that in the new Scotland, which is a place of justice and fair play and compassion, workers should not be afraid to speak out - especially about serious, serious issues like this that impinge on patient safety, patient care and staff safety as well”, said Rab Wilson, a patient who had suffered at the hands of the neglecting staff.

There is need for hospital boards to make the staff and authorities at the places more attentive about their patients it is essential that the boards take good care of the suffering patients and they don’t have to bear the brunt of neglecting staff. There is need for them to be given the right care and service, so that they get healed of their illness, and don’t have to stay at hospitals for a long time.