NHS Sweating Bullets in PIP Breast Implants Heat

ImplantsAs per recent reports, it has been revealed that the Pond Street hospital is getting in touch with women who got PIP implants, which allegedly have low-grade silicone that can prove extremely dicey for women, which have already been outlawed because of fears that they can easily get damage and can inspire leakage which can prove extremely hazardous for the health of women.

It is said to be the only hospital all over the nation that is still getting in touch with women under suspicion of having faulty breast implants. In addition, it has been claimed that the Royal Free can be on the brink of facing a huge bill of around £532,000 for the sake of replacing the outlawed implants.

While expressing his opinion regarding the sensitivity of the issue, along with mentioning what all steps are being taken by the concerned officials to safeguard all those who have undergone the suspected faulty breast implantation, Ash Mosahebi, a consultant plastic surgeon who used to work at the Royal Free for a period of five years, claimed: “People are very concerned about it and concerned about the dangers of cancer and what is going to happen to the breast and the body. There’s been a very high level and some of it is understandable”.

More often than not, breast implants are provided on the NHS to patients suffering from cancer and those who have corrective surgeries. Also, there are provisions for providing implants to women who have breast defects by birth.

As per stats released recently in this regard, it has been claimed that around 15 women were given faulty PIP implants during the surgery they underwent at the Royal Free, while another 46 were sent to the St John’s Wood-based St John & St Elizabeth private hospital for the same purpose.