Doctors Behind Abortion of Babies On The Basis Of Gender Suspended

AbortionIt has been recently revealed in a report that two doctors who have been found guilty of conducting abortions on women on the basis of the gender of the child have been suspended.

This has been revealed after a long investigation that was done to find out how doctors are these days indulging in unscrupulous activities. Only the sex of the baby was the reason and basis of the abortion, the doctors didn’t even care to ask any further questions. Abortion clinics these days have a lot of such activities going on.

The Health Secretary, Andrew Lansley, is of the view that there is need for a further investigation to be done by the police to find out whether there are abortions being conducted due to the gender of the child.

Many people are aborting the girl child and this is becoming a growing concern in the world. Women from different social and ethnic backgrounds, come to these clinics to have their children aborted, and this is extremely negative because the doctors aren’t even asking them any further questions. They are just not bothered about why they want to terminate their unborn babies.

“The practice of “family balancing” through abortion is illegal. The Trust observes this law and does not offer termination of pregnancy on the basis of gender. We are investigating these very serious allegations as a matter of urgency”, said a spokesperson.

There is need for further investigation to be done in the matter so that there are effective steps taken to catch hold of the doctors aborting children just for money. They aren’t bothered about why and the women want to get rid of their babies and aren’t even asking them any questions for the same.