Midwife, Registrar Accountable for Baby's Death

Midwife, Registrar Accountable for Baby's DeathIn a shocking disclosure, it has been revealed that a hospital midwife and a registrar have been held accountable for the death of an infant.

Earlier during the day, the office of Health and Disability Commissioner issued its verdict on the 2008 death case. The mother was delivering in hospital instead of home since the six of the unborn was more than what home delivery could have handled.

It has been informed that the midwife soon went jittery regarding the condition of the baby and therefore had a word with the obstetric registrar. The report have further highlighted the fact that the registrar misconstrued a CTG map out, which is meant for recording the heart rate of the baby, and regardless of her anxieties the midwife was not able to solicit any senior official to take care of the baby.

As a result, the infant died shortly after birth. Now, a doctor and a midwife have been found guilty for not figuring out the issues which resulted in the baby's death at a New Zealand hospital.

Today, a report into the death case of the newborn girl was released by the Health and Disability Commissioner, the baby earlier died just two days following her birth in the year 2008. In her recent statement, the midwife said: "Convention has it that as midwife you abide by the registrar's decisions and the only person to directly contact the consultant on call with issues re a current patient is the registrar".

Earlier during the court proceedings, it was revealed that a doctor, called Dr. E as the identity has been kept secluded, had committed some serious errors in diagnosing as well as monitoring the indications of fetal distress which lead straight up to the delivery.