Kids Get High after Consuming Polish Medicine

Polish-MedicineAs per recent reports, it has been claimed that a powder found in female sanitary merchandise which is heavily used as an illicit drug all over the world has been spotted recently in the United Kingdom for the first time.

The cleanser comprises of crystallised benzydamine HCL, which can result in causing hallucinations.

The hygiene product dubbed Tantum Rosa is, as of now, not meant for legal sale in the United Kingdom. But still, authorities reportedly confiscated two packages at a Polish supermarket yesterday in Southampton. The raid tailed the unearthing of Tantum Rosa packets at a local cemetery and it was claimed that a memorial was vandalized at the spot.

The chemical employed by drug makers in Eastern Europe has long been under controversy for its illegal effects.

While expressing his opinion regarding the entire issue, along with mentioning what all negative consequences it can have in the time to follow, a police spokesperson revealed: that it seems like Southampton is the first place in UK where the drug is being misused.

As a result, the officials have claimed that shopkeeper will soon receive a warning in this regard so as to curb the use of the illegal and potentially dodgy drug. In this regard, an official from the MHRA, Danny Lee-Frost, said that he was extremely “concerned” that the medicine was being used as a frivolous drug.

He further added, “Because it is labelled in Polish, people who get hold of it won't be aware of what the ingredients are if they do attempt to misuse it”. A licensed female sanitary medication having nothing in the form of a license is said to have a massive hallucinogenic consequence in case their misuse has been seized as per raids conducted on Polish shops based in Southampton.