26 Year Old Goes Bald To Fight Against Cancer

Kate-VinkA recent report has unveiled that shaving off head is an easy way to fight cancer when cancer has been killing one’s closed ones. A woman, 26, Kate Vink has also decided to shave her hair off her head on Thursday so as to battle against the disease that took away her sister forever.

It has been found that the woman has lost three of her closed relatives, including her younger sister, grandfather and mother, whose lives were claimed by the deadly disease, cancer. All of the three have died within past seven years only and while she is alive, her soul is dead, reveals the report.

Kate has told that she had lost her grandfather when she was only 16 years of age. She affirmed that though her grandfather was fit and full of life, his life had been taken by the fatal prostate cancer.

Also, her mother, who suffered from leukemia for two years, also left the world at an early age of 48. She added that following their death, her sister also developed pancreatic cancer after some four years and died in her teenage only.

The report has discovered that Kate has now been involved in raising funds for Leukemia & Blood Cancer New Zealand (LBC), which is a national charity. As per the findings, the charity supports the six Kiwis with blood cancer or a similar condition daily.

It is being said that Vink has already raised funds for the charity equivalent to an amount of $2500. The act of shaving is being done by her with an aim to encourage fundraising for the charity only. "You can't buy your way out of it or laugh yourself better, all you can do is fight", she said.