Glucose Meter Brand Switch is Not Harmful for Patients

PharmacoAs per a recent report, it has been revealed that Pharmac has put a proposal before New Zealand Doctors, which says that Pharmaco NZ Ltd. should be made the nation’s sole supplier of funded blood glucose meters and test strips.

It has been found through the report that the implementation of the same would be helpful in saving nearly $10 million a year. It is being said that the proposal to introduce fully funded CareSens blood glucose meters and test strips would take effect from 1 June.

Two GPs had a consultation with a doctor in the country, which led them to conclude that brand switch of glucose meters would not affect patients with diabetes adversely. Also, it has been revealed by Diabetes NZ estimates that only a few patients make use of blood glucose meters.

Greg Beacham, Havelock North GP has added that since blood glucose meters are given to patients with type I diabetes only and type II diabetes patients receive insulin or a sulfonylurea. Thus, the glucose meters brand switch would not cause any major issue to patients’ health.

It is being said that the funding for the new proposal for Optium Xceed, Accu-Chek Performa, FreeStyle Lite and On Call Advanced meters as well as test strips would probably be over later this year. Peter Moodie, Pharmac Medical Director has unveiled that one of the three CareSens-branded meters i. e. the CareSens N meter is user- friendly as well as shows graph of test results.

Also, the instrument needs a coding device insertion during a change of bottle of strips, he told. Adding to the context, South Auckland GP Harley Aish said, "There'll be a lot of talk, and it's quite likely that some patients will be quite attached to their current meter, but I don't think there'll be any long-term patient harm".