Doctors Accused of Luring Patients

BMAAs per recent reports, it has been claimed that the proposal of British Medical Association on account of strikes by doctors is a pure show of shamelessness, mainly because it needs no thought process going behind such actions and it is more than certain that they will be harming patients.

All industrial action, more often than not, harm the consumers. But when we talk about doctors, it happens that the consumers are mostly ill and infirm which, as per oxford, means that they are highly susceptible members of the community. To blackmail and threaten them is nothing more than purely immoral.

During the last four decades or so, life in the NHS has turned square. Working in the NHS, what at some point in time used to be a privilege, is no longer a point of fancy.

The voting on strike action has seriously been molested because of a rapidly increasing militant British Medical Association (BMA) that has placed it at loggerhead with the Government on the issue of NHS reforms.

It, as per latest confirmation, has now been summoned up since pension arrangements of doctors are heavily threatened by the indirect means of cutbacks in public sector.

The BMA has recently claimed that the amendments scheduled for introduction with effect from 2015 will clearly imply that younger doctors were left with no other choice except paying a minimum of £200,000 addition in pension inputs over a period of life and work an added eight years, before retiring at the age of 68.

In this regard, the health secretary said: “The proposals are a fair deal for staff and taxpayers and make public service pensions affordable and sustainable. This means the nurses and doctors who dedicate their life to treating us will continue to receive pensions that are amongst the best available”.