Schools Should Have Full Time Nurses

nursesIt has been recently revealed in a report that an organization is of the view that there is need for full time nurses at schools and care centers for children. This urge was made by the New Zealand Nurses’ organization. They are of the view that there is need for a full time government funded nurse to be present at schools and care centers for children. They are of the view that this shall help them in learning good habits in the long run and keep them away from the infections and diseases which tend to attack children the most.

This shall be according to the Green Paper for Vulnerable Children drive. They are of the view that a full time nurse would mean that the children are given a more secure atmosphere to learn in. The parents can be sure they are learning good habits and the health education can be imparted to them in a more firsthand manner. They can get their doubts cleared as and when they occur. If the nurse and social workers work together with the teachers for the benefit of students, it shall definitely prove a major help for them.

"What we have found with public health nurses at the moment is they tend to be spread across 10 schools, that's just paying lip service to what nurses could do in schools”, "We know that nurses can be really effective in schools”, said Jill Clendon, from the New Zealand Nurses' Organization.

There is need for more appeals of the sort to be made to the government before they can look into the matter and decide whether it can be of benefit of the children or not.