Brain Stroke Drug Developed

Brain Stroke Drug DevelopedAs per recent reports, it has been revealed that a group of researchers from the Toronto Western Research Institute (TWRI) has developed an advanced drug to treat patients who have been suffering from brain diseases.

It is a great win for scientists as many efforts have been done earlier also to develop such drugs across the globe. However, none of the researchers were able to prove its efficacy during human trials. The drug is named as `PSD95 inhibitor', which prevents brain cell death as well as helps in preserving brain function among patients.

Lead researcher Michael Tymianski said, "We are closer to having a treatment for stroke than we have ever been before. These findings are extremely exciting and our next step is to confirm these results in a clinical trial".

One suffers from brain stroke when the brain region is not able to get sufficient amount of blood and oxygen. It leads to damage of brain cells and causes impairments and causes death in severe cases. Michael was of the view that their drug will now save thousands of lives, who die from stroke-related deaths.

It is vital to have an effective medicine as brain stroke is the leading causing of death in the world and till now, they do not have any great treatment in their hands. In order to reach at the above conclusion, the study researchers treated animals with the PSD95 inhibitor after they suffered a stroke.

The medicine was found to be working as brain damage was greatly reduced and it was also able to preserve neurological function. Michael said that the drug showed remarkable results even at the time when the drug was given after three hours of the onset of stroke.