Now Check-In To Tell the World about Your Sex Life

Now Check-In To Tell the World about Your Sex LifeThere is a new novel way that has come up to promote safe sex as a part of National Condom Week. Now, one can simply grab a special condom, and "check-in" using a smartphone, telling the world, who they did it with and where. The people are used to check-in on social networking sites telling them, where they are and with whom. Now the boundaries have gone a bit further with the arrival of pre-coital check-in.

More than 50,000 condoms with Quick Response codes emblazoned on wrappers were distributed to college students in the state of Washington, by Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest (PPGNW) which enabled them to scan the QR code with their smartphone and check in to the site wheredidyouwearit. com and anonymously let the world know where they practiced safe sex. It is being seen as a more social way to promote safe sex with aim to encourage people taking pride in preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases which is a huge issue among teenagers.

According to the new media coordinator of PPGNW, it has been an instant hit as the site had already attracted more than 4,500 check-ins and 65,000 visits. With more and more people coming on board it is helping in spreading the word to go for safe sex.

The site not only allows people to check-in as anonymous, but also record their age, gender or themselves and their partner. After Geo-tagging their location, they can even tell precise details like "in the shower", "at a party", "kitchen" etc.

It is combination of "Foursqaure" with spreading the awareness of safe sex. With more and more people getting on the website from within US and even internationally, this is being seen at turning into a big thing.