Eating Chocolate Might Lead To a Healthy Heart

Eating Chocolate Might Lead To a Healthy HeartA chocolate has been long termed as a treat for the tongue, but studies have shown that it has some benefits for the heart as well. So now when someone gives you a heart shaped chocolate box, it would be seen a generous deed which would also be beneficial for a real heart.

A study was conducted by pooling 42 small clinical trials involving 1,300 people after which the effects of chocolate on heart patients were observed. It was found that the people who were fed chocolate or cocoa over a period of few weeks to months had a slight decrease in their blood pressure, along with improved blood vessel function.

These findings have been published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Although it is not the first report to state so, it surely adds weight to all the other studies that have found that chocolate lovers have lesser risk of high blood pressure.

But even after so many findings, there is not much proof that the eating chocolate indeed has a direct effect on heart as there are many factors involved.

But Lee Hooper of Norwich Medical School in the UK, being optimistic said although we don't have much proof there is considerable improvements to suggest so. In the same breath he also cautioned that these analyses were very vague and a thorough study has to be performed in order to state it as beneficial.

There are many variations in the study as different people have different response in terms of heart conditions. Also in some cases cocoa drinks were used whereas other used solid chocolate bars and cocoa supplements. Now the bigger question is whether the benefits are more as compared to their downsides.