Murder Charge Is A Warning, Claims Prosecutor

Eating Chocolate Might Lead To a Healthy HeartA latest report has unveiled that a prosecutor, who had alleged a doctor of murdering three patients, has announced on Friday that the charge should be taken as a warning by other unethical physicians as well.

It has been found that Dr. Hsiu-Ying "Lisa" Tseng, 42, was accused of killing patients by giving them overdose of prescription drugs. Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley told that the case had crossed extremes as the doctor had attempted a second-degree murder.

It has been uncovered that prescription overdose given by her led to deaths of many patients. However, each was not a case of murder. She was prescribing a total of 25 medications a day to patients, as per a DEA affidavit, which suspended her license for writing prescriptions in the year 2010.

The report has revealed that Tseng is a licensed osteopath, who had started a storefront office in the Los Angeles suburb of Rowland Heights with her husband, a physician, in the year 2005. And merely after a period of three years, she was questioned for prescription irregularities by the Drug Enforcement Administration and the California Medical Board.

As per the findings of the report, had the doctor been found guilty of all the 21 felony counts, she could have faced a life imprisonment instead of a maximum sentence of 45 years. It is being said by the prosecutor that such cases should always be deeply researched before charging anyone of murder.

"Looking at it from a legal standpoint, to prove murder there has to be a lot of data to back that up. It would be a shame if prosecutors filed these charges just for effect, because this is such a hot issue", said Ron Clyburn.