Emirates To Add More Planes

Emirates To Add More PlanesAviation Industry has taken some serious bashing with the increase in crude oil prices. Even the world's largest international carrier, Emirates Airlines has not been saved from higher fuel costs. The President of the airline said that they will take a hit of $1.6 billion after absorbing all the increase in fuel cost. In order to cushion the impact of fuel cost on the financial budget, the carrier is forced to cut costs and use less fuel-efficient planes on shorter routes.

Boeing Co., the manufacturer of commercial airplanes, said that their production of latest 787 dreamliners had gone up to 3.5 jets a month from 2.5. They also added they are working pretty hard and hope to increase the production to 10 a month by 2013. Boeing is raising production rates on all of its commercial airplane programs to meet increased demand.

After many speculations, 787 made its debut more than three years late amid struggled with new materials and manufacturing techniques due to which Boeing's shares had also seen a tremendous hit. There were also many speed bumps initially seen by 787 and many faulty processes have been since corrected with the company assuring that no aircraft from 57th built onwards is affected.

Emirates was very impressed after Boeing's presentation of 777 plans, which included upgrades to the engines and wings. Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, the Chairman of Emirates, said, "I think everyone will see a big improvement to the existing plane once 777 gets upgrades".

The carrier also added a direct route between Dubai and Seattle. The airline's main aim is to cover all major points in the U. S. from Dubai within 10 years, doubling or tripling its presence in the country.